• Time off should be requested at 1 week advance  for 1-2 days. 2 week notice if 3+ days.
  • Requests will be accommodated on a first-come basis, however a request with a higher level of urgency (such as medical related request) will take priority. If an emergency occurs, someone granted time off may be asked to come in.
  • When requesting time off, please consider the time of year, important tasks/events scheduled, and other time off requests when making a request.
  • There should always be a minimum of three staff members available to coordinate work and oversee any situation that might arise. It will be best if those on duty had redundancy with those away.
  • When taking time off, prepare a detailed list of responsibilities that need to be delegated and the processes to follow. This will allow those backing-up to be able to handle tasks in a timely and accurate manner. 


  1. Staff members inspect the shared time-off calendar to ensure that the dates are available. Please add the "PHY Vacation" calendar to your Outlook shared calendars.
  2. Employee completes Time off Request  form . Form will go to Operations Specialist for approval
  3. Operations Specialist reviews the time off request for correct dates, ensures that dates are not conflicting with programming needs, and that a suitable substitute is available if needed.
  4. Approve request, email notification approval to employee, and updates shared calendar.

Physics Staff Time-Off Request Form 

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