MILESTONES – Qualifying Exam I

officially attained by passing the Qualifying Exam

MILESTONES – Qualifying Exam II

officially attained by passing the Research Oral Examination



officially attained the status of ABD by virtue of having completed the following departmental requirements:

Passed required 48 Credits of coursework (including Dissertation Credits)

Passed the qualifying examinations for the PhD in Physics

Passed the Departmental Oral Exam for the PhD in Physics

Dissertation Defense Checklist  -

Request for Exam form -

Physics Web page

Graduation Deadlines

What you need to Graduate

Preparing Your Thesis/Dissertation

Electronic Thesis Submittal Checklist – 

Format Guidelines           Please be sure to follow the format guidelines.

Advisor Signed Title Page - The original, signed document is submitted as a PDF to

Unsigned Title Page - The unsigned title page is submitted electronically with your Thesis

Copyright Notice Template

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