Transfer Credit Petitions:

o   Undergrad Students:

§  If an undergrad student gives you a transfer credit petition, unless department chair requests otherwise --- Walter is the lead reviewer. Students need to have the cover petition filled out (each college has own cover petition) and they need a copy of the syllabus plus if possible, a course catalog description attached (he will not review or approve without a syllabus!) He’ll determine if he can approve or not, and then approved petitions need to be returned to the student to take it to their home college dean’s office next for approval.

o   Grad Students: Student should use petition to faculty form.

§  For samples/models of past petitions, see academic record file for Swetha Bhagwat, Suraj Shankar, Francesco Serafin, Gizem Sengor.

§  Grad students need to use a petition to the faculty form for transfer credit requests. They need to attach a copy of a transcript and the syllabi for every class they want to transfer. The number of credits they should request to transfer should be the amount that the SU equivalent is worth, and not necessarily the amount the class was worth at their prior institution.

§  Need to be signed by academic advisor (before research oral) or research advisor (after having passed research oral) followed by the DGS (Director of grad studies). Petitions for Graduate transfer credit should be sent to Kristina Ashley at the Graduate School, 304 Lyman Hall,

Transfer Credit Petition Form

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