Placement Exams
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Note:  The following procedure uses the Spanish Placement Exam as an example, but the steps in the procedure are the same for all language exams.  Find out which Placement Exams are available online? 

Navigate to the Placement Exams section under Student Home in MySlice:

Take placement exams.

The "Take Placement Exams" link will direct you to Blackboard.  Use the "SU NetID Login" button to sign in.

Blackboard home page.

Under My Courses, click Placement Exams (note, your screen may look slightly different than the screenshot below).

Placement exams highlighted under My Courses in Blackboard

From the sidebar menu, select the Language you want to take (instruction example will be Spanish).

placement exams instructions page in Blackboard

NOTE: The Spanish and Italian exams have an audio component. You must have speakers or headphones available before taking these exams.

NOTE: Each Language has a survey and exam component.  The survey is taken before the exam.  The questions have no point value to them; they are required to identify your language background.

Use the Language Placement Survey link to open the survey. Using the "Begin" button will begin the two-question survey. After answering the survey, be sure to use the "Save and Submit" button. 

Highlighted Save and Submit button at bottom of survey

Confirm your survey submission.

Dialog with OK button circled


To take the exam component click on the same Language button in the sidebar menu. Click on the Language Placement Exam link in the main window (instruction example is Spanish Placement Survey). NOTE: Make sure to READ and follow all instructions

An arrow points to the link in the main section of a Blackboard screen

Use the "Begin" button to start the exam. After answering ALL questions, click: Save and Submit. A warning message will display if there are any unanswered questions.

Highlighted save and submit button

When ready, confirm the exam submission by using the "Ok" button. 

Dialog box with OK circled.

After confirming the Exam, verify the "Test Submitted" screen displays:

Test Submitted screen



  1. Take another exam
  2. View your Placement Exam results and course eligibility in MySlice


If logged in to Blackboard, logout. Log in to MySlice, and navigate to the Placement Exams section under Student Home in MySlice. The "Placement Exam Scores" will display your results.