After logging in to MySlice make sure you are in the Student Home section, then select the Advising tile, and then select Placement Exams from the sidebar.

Take placement exams link.

Use the Take Placement Exams link and login to Blackboard. 

Blackboard modal. 

Use the Placement Exams link under Courses, and select "Math" from the sidebar menu. 

Use the Math Placement Exam link (NOTE: Makre sure to READ and follow all instructions).



Select Continue to begin the exam.


After answering all questions, use the Save and Submit button. A warning will be displayed if there are any unanswered questions.


Confirm the Exam submission by using the OK button. 

OK button highlighted on the confirmation screen.

After confirming the Exam, verify the "Test Submitted" screen displays.

Test Submitted screen


  1. Take another exam
  2. View your Placement Exam results and course eligibility in MySlice


Logout of Blackboard, and log in to MySlice. In the "Placement Exams" section under Student Services in MySlice, use the "View Placement Exam Results" to see your results. 

Placement exams scores.