All new Syracuse University students are expected to take all applicable placement examinations before registering for classes!

First term SU undergraduate students (new 1st year and new transfer students) are able to access and take the Placement Exams when the student accepts the admission offer and is term activated (in May for fall admits, on a rolling basis beginning in December for spring admits.)

Returning and Graduate students must be granted access to online Placement Exams. To request access, go to MySlice > Advising > Placement Exams > Take Placement Exams, provide the required information and send the automatic email. The Placement Exams will become available via MySlice approximately 24 hours after the request has been processed. The requesting student will receive an email notify him/her when access has been granted, and s/he is able to take the exam. Please note that requests submitted on Fridays, weekends, or holidays will be processed on the next regular business day.

For on-site language Placement Exams, students must contact the appropriate language coordinator. Language coordinator information can be found on the Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics department website at

For information on how to register and take the English Language Placement Exam visit: Registered students will be emailed instructions on how to access the exam a few days prior to the exam date.

Which Placement Exams are available online? Math and Language exams are available via MySlice > Advising > Placement Exams > Take Placement Exams

If you have questions concerning your school or college's language or placement exam requirements, contact your home school or college. 

MySlice requires a student to login with their NetID (example= jsmoe) and password.  To look up, activate or reset your NetID password visit

Placement Exams are for student accounts only, Proxy accounts (set up for parents, spouse, guardians etc…) will not be allowed to access Placements Exams.

Placement Exam System Requirements:  Blackboard access and speakers or headphones are required for language listening components for Italian and Spanish exams.  Students should allow approximately 1 hour per placement exam, but actual times will vary.