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Changes to Adobe Software Licensing

The Univeristy is currnetly changing how Adobe software is accessable. These changes will be implemented in May 2019, please visit documentation outlining current software availability and configuration.

Information contained on the pages below will be implemented in the coming months

What Software is Available?

All Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, full list here, are available on campus.  The University licenses Adobe Creative Cloud through our participation in Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).  Details about our ETLA can be viewed here.

Software Availability


Students can access Adobe software via ITS computer labs and those managed by individual schools and colleges.  Learn more at the ITS Computer Labs home page.


Employees at the University can gain access to software on their work provided computers via their technology support department.  Staff/Faculty can work with their support to identify additional access methods.  Find your support here.

News - Spring 2019

Adobe Accounts

The University is currently in the process of implementing Adobe's named-user licensing model which will expand upon our current software availablity and collaboration capabilities.  As there is more to share we will communicate to the University community, please contact your support group if you have specific questions.