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  1. Log into SUmail from the web (

  2. Click on the Account icon in the upper right corner. It should be the initial of your name, or a picture if you have designated one. In this account it is the letter "S".
    Location of Account icon

  3. Click on the "My account" link
    location of my acount

  4. In the "Security & privacy" section Click on "Manage security & privacy"

  5. Click on "Additional security verification"
    location of Additional security verification link

  6. Click "Create and manage app passwords
    location of Create and manage app passwords link

  7. Click on "create"
    location of create password link

  8. Enter a name for the app password to help you remember where you will be using it, (such as Macbook App password, etc.) and click "next"
    location of name app password link

  9. Click "copy password to clipboard" and close. You will use this new app password in place of the NetID password on the mail application.
    location of copy password to clipboard link