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Facebook Guidelines

Check out a few online links and guides

Account Settings

To change your account setting click on the account drop down button on the right hand corner of the page and then click on account setting.  The following items on your account setting should be given special consideration


To access this click on the setting tab after you have clicked on the account setting

Following items under setting should be given special consideration from the security perspective:

Alternate Name: People often use this information to be found by their maiden name or nickname, making them easier to find. Keep in mind some sites use your maiden name (if applicable) as a security question for account access, so weigh this possibility before disclosing.

User Name : Don't use a nickname that will link you to other accounts you might wish to keep private; avoid using a nickname that might give away sensitive information (for example: your birth year). Be sure it is different from your bank login username, for example.

Linked Accounts : Linked accounts include Google, Pinterest and OpenID---use with caution to avoid overexposure

Account Security : If you click on change account security you will be given an option to notify you if a new computer device or mobile logs in to your account. This option is turned off by default.

Facebook Ads

To access the Facebook Ad settings click on "Facebook Ad" tab after you have clicked on the account settings under your account drop down button.

Following two options should be given careful consideration:
*Allow ads on platform pages to show my information
*Show my social actions in Facebook Ads to

In the wrong hands, information about ads you liked can be handy for socially engineered attacks. The more entities that have access to your information, the greater your risk. It's best to limit this information whenever possible.

Privacy Settings

To access privacy settings click on the account drop down button and click on privacy settings

Following items under privacy setting should be given careful consideration from the security perspective.

Connecting on Facebook

This setting controls how people can find or search you on Facebook. To change/view the setting click on the "view setting" link

  • Search for you on Facebook : This controls who can search for you on Facebook.
  • Hometown and Current City : Some sites use your hometown/place of birth as a security question

Timeline and Tagging

This setting controls who can see what you share on Facebook. 

Be carful of items that have Everyone and Friends of friends against them. Remember you have no control of whom your friend adds as a friend.

Apps and Websites

This setting controls what information is available to apps and third party websites. To change this setting click on the "Edit your Setting" links under "Apps and Websites"

Following items should be given special consideration

  • Apps you use: You can remove unwanted or spammy apps here. You can also totally turn off all platform apps
  • Info accessible through your friends: This control what information is avaialable to apps and websites that your friends use. ( Remember that by default all the apps have access to the friends list)
  • Game and app activity: This control who can view your game and app activity.
  • Public Search: This determines whether your profile shows up on public searches like google.