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*Hitman Pro is an anti-malware program that scans the computer for malware then uploads suspect files to the "cloud" for analysis.*

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Internet Connection

Hitman Pro requires an active internet connection to function.

Software Overview

Hitman PRO is a computer program to detect and remove adware, spyware, viruses and other malware using extensive behavioural analysis and cloud computing. First it detects viruses and other files that have a suspicious behaviour (behaviour analysis) and sends them then to the scan cloud via the Internet. The malicious files are detected in the scan cloud where these are removed by Hitman Pro. Hitman Pro uses NOD32 Antivirus, Avira AntiVir, Prevx, G DATA Anti-Virus and a-squared Anti-Malware to detect malicious software. As the various virus scanners are not installed on the local computer, but in the scan cloud on Internet, there is a very low system load. This technology is called ¿cloud computing¿ and is possible using behavioural analysis that can differentiate legitimate from malicious software.

Difficulty Level



  1. Download application from
  2. Launch application from download location, click "Settings".
    launch screen appears with settings in the bottom left corner
  3. Uncheck the "Scan computer daily during startup" option. Click "Ok".
    Scan options
  4. Click "Next". Accept license terms.
    I accept all terms of the license agreement
  5. Wait for scan to complete. Scans typically take 5-20 minutes.
    scan completion progress
  6. Hitman Pro will display infections as they are found during the scan. When the scan is complete, click the "Next" button that appears.
    display of infections
  7. Click "Activate free license". This license is valid for 30 days. Click next.
    activate free license
  8. Hitman Pro will then remove all found infections. Click "Next", then "Reboot" (if applicable).
    list of infections being removed

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