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Microsoft Office mobile for iPhone requires an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or later model or an iPod Touch 5th generation.  The iOS version must be 7.0 or later. 

To install Microsoft Office mobile for iPhone, do the following:

1)  Go to the app store on the iPhone (you'll need to use your iTunes account)

2)  Select "Search"  and enter "Microsoft Office Mobile".  Select the "Microsoft Office Mobile" app.

Microsoft Office Mobile app displays in the Apple App Store

3)  Select the "Free" button and then "Install."  A circle will appear that will show the progress of the install.  The install make take several minutes.  When the install is done, the button will change to "Open"


4)  Select the "Open" button and scroll through the introductory screens, then select "Get Started." 

5)  Sign in to activate the install using your SU email address (netid@syr.edu) as the email address.

OneDrive Not Available in Office 365 ProPlus at SU

As you activate/install the app(s), information about saving to OneDrive may display.  SU accounts do not include OneDrive at this time.  After you install the app, you can use the "Add a Place" feature to connect the app to OneDrive using a personal account.  You can also use the "share" feature to email documents as an attachment.

5)  If prompted to select the "Microsoft Account" or "Organizational Account" select "Organizational Account"

Select Organizational Account

6)  Enter your netid password when prompted for a password.

7)  Select "Continue to Office."

8)  When you see a screen of sample documents, the app is activated and ready to use.

Sample document, sample spreadsheet, and sample presentation