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Lists some music file sharing options.

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Music File Sharing

For the immediate future, we intend to stay with our solution of providing links to several sources of legal music.

The legal music downloading services available from some of the online vendors include:

These vendors sell music encrypted with Digital Rights Management which prevents you from transferring music outside your PC or MP3 player without a password.


Napster Music Service

Apple iTunes Service


For a comprehensive list, visit the RIAA site for a list of legal music websites.

A few students, faculty, and staff are currently discussing pros, cons, and next steps to providing an on-campus music service.

Technology deterrents to prevent illegal downloads

The University uses (bandwidth management and traffic-shaping tools) in an attempt to eliminate illegal music downloads while catering to your privacy needs.


We previously provided free music services through Ruckus. Unfortunately, they went out of business in 2009.

Internet Radio (aka Webcasts)

This link is to Pandora is a popular internet radio available for PC, Mac, iPhone and several other web enabled devices. Listeners can register for free and create their own "radio stations" based on music genre, artists and albums.

This radio player has very few ads in it.


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