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Microsoft's Sype for Business (formerly Lync) is a communications and collaboration tool that offers:

  • Instant messaging
  • Group conversations via Instant Message
  • Audio and Video Conferencing (you need audio recording for these features and a web cam to participate in video conferencing)
  • Shared whiteboard sessions
  • Integration with Exchange calendars so you can see if someone is available, in a meeting, not at work, etc. 
  • Integration with the Global Address List of Exchange so you can see name and contact information for the person

You can use Skype for Business to collaborate with anyone who has an SU Exchange account (it does not work with SUmail accounts, but it will work with students who have Exchange 1.5 accounts) and a Skype for Business client or Skype for Business web access.   Skype for Business checks your calendar to determine if you are available and displays this information when someone looks you up in Skype for Business.  You can also update your status manually within Skype for Business, change your current location, and add a personal note to provide alerts or useful information to your contacts.  By default, anyone within Skype for Business can contact you, but you can block people from communicating with you or limit your visibility within Skype for Business to specific individuals and/or contact groups.

Accessing Skype for Business

All staff and faculty are licensed to use the Microsoft Skype for Business service at SU. While anyone with a mailbox in the SU Exchange email system may use Skype for Business, it is important to select the correct Skype for Business client for the feature set you intend to utilize.

Please go here for a complete Skype for Business Client feature comparison

Skype for Business Desktop Client – The Skype for Business Desktop Client offers full Skype for Business functionality and may be installed on any SU owned computer. It is not licensed for installation on a Non-SU owned device.  The version of Office you have installed determines the version of the Skype for Business desktop client.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OSX

Skype for Business Basic Client - The Skype for Business Basic Client is freely available for download from Microsoft and offers the core functionality of the full Skype for Business client and may be installed on any computer.

Lync 2010 Attendee Client - Non-SU owned computers may download and install the Skype for Business Attendee client to gain greater functionality when attended a meeting. It is intended for use by people attending a meeting that may not have a NetID and password.It is freely available for Windows from Microsoft and maybe utilized to attend meetings, however, the Skype for Business Attendee client may not initiate the meeting.

Skype for Business Mobile Client – Skype for Busines Mobile Clients are freely available for download and installation on many mobile device operating systems and are typically available from the device’s app store.

Please go here for a complete Skype for Business Mobile Client feature comparison.

Skype for Business Web App – Each online meeting request includes a special link to the Skype for Business Web App which may be used to attend a meetings when a more full featured client is not installed.