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Twitter Guidelines

Twitter Dont's

  • Never use your password on suspicious third party sites
  • Careful what you tweet as people are listening! For example, try tweeting something like "I just bought an engagement ring, wish me luck" versus "I just bought a 3.5 caret diamond on avenue A and am goign to walk from here to my home on Avenue Z"
  • Don't tweet excessive personal information
  • If you see anything criminal or suspicious don't tweet, call the authorities!
  • Don't tweet too much detail or private information, like 'hey Mike, I changed your password to YourPassword!"

Twitter Do's

  • Listen first, then participate. Start using twitter by following people of similar interest and following social media 'experts' to learn a little about how people interact.
  • Explore applications that interface with twitter such as tweetdeck and hootsuite; just learn about the privacy and security of each new appliation to protect your personal data.
  • Also, when using applications for twitter, regularly check your settings on the twitter website to verify your desired permissions for those applications.
  • Choose a strong Password. Most of the attacks on twitter accounts involve simply guessing an obvious password.
  • Make use of separate accounts for your personal and professional related tweets.

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Twitter Security