SU Accounts and IDs
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Conditions For Changing a NetID

Due to the high administrative cost for changing usernames, ITS changes NetIDs only if:

  1. Name/NetID changes are allowed only for a legal name change, if the name is misspelled in the system, or the current NetID is offensive and/or inappropriate.
  2. The user's HRSA record must display the correctly spelled new name.
  3. The consultant and the user agree on a date to make the change.
  4. The user agrees to remain logged out of all systems for the entire day of the change.

Clients who would like to change their NetID should contact ITS at (315) 443-2677 or e-mail

Assigning a NetID

NetIDs must meet the following requirements:

  • cannot be in use or have ever been used on a centrally administered computer
  • cannot exceed eight characters
  • cannot include any non-alphanumeric characters, for example: "!', '_,' '%' '$,' '&,' '*,' etc.
  • must be a reasonable derivation of the client's name

Getting Your Legal Name Change Updated