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*Procedures for handling ITS lab login problems.*


Customer can't log into public lab (that has been converted to AD such as ITS public labs, Maxwell, etc.)


ITS consultant should do following:

1. Check to make sure NetID is Activated.
2. Check Day1 for customer's Primary Affiliation & Status.

If Customer is Active SU Student:

1. Check Day 1 to see if AD resource has been provisioned.

a. If YES, then advise student to change NetID password because when some students were originally provisioned with AD resource, the NetID passwords were not carried over to AD properly. So changing their NetID password will verify that NetID password is "synced-up" properly.

2. Ask student to try logging in after they change NetID password. Note: a password change can take up to 30 minutes.

b. If NO AD resource provisioned, send email to to ask that an AD resource be provisioned for student.



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