Start the session:

  • If using an external microphone and camera, connect them to your computer before you start your browser.
  • Open Chrome browser, login to Blackboard and enter your course.
    • Select the link for Online Meetings in the menu on the left

    • Select the Live Session for the current week from the Weekly list.

    • Select the Join session button

    • Select Join from a browser

  • Your audio and video settings will be evaluated as you enter the session. If you are unsure of your connection, check your audio and video settings
    Note: Your browser may ask you to allow it to use the computer’s camera and audio. Please allow it.

    • Open the Collaborate panel (see screen shot below)

    • Select the My Settings icon My Settings Icon Gear

    • Under Audio and Video Setting, select “Set up your camera and microphone”
  • Have any files you will be using during the session in an easily accessible location on your computer.
  • Click on the microphone and video icons at the bottom of the page to turn them on

Microphone off with line through it OFF

Microphone one with volume going up and down ON

Session Etiquette

  • Log into the session a few minutes early to make sure your technology is ready to go when the session starts.

  • To reduce background noise, mute your microphone when you are not speaking

  • Be attentive and respectful.
  • “Raise your hand” to signal you would like to comment or ask a question.
    Icon of person raising hand

Leave the Session 

  • From the Sessions menu, select Leave Session

  • Close the browser window.

Collaboration Panel Tools 

These tools are found in the Collaboration Panel, by opening the menu from purple tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Image showing tools in bottom right hand corner

Icon showing chat bubbleAllows you to communicate via text with other participants in the session.

Image depicting how many other participants are in the sessionShows other participants in the session. You may choose to leave the Attendees panel open during the session. This can be done in two ways:

  • Open the Collaborate panel and drag-and-drop the Participants icon to the main stage.

  • Open the Collaborate panel and select Participants. Select More options at the top of the panel. Select Detach Panel.

You can close the panel by selecting Merge panel from the More Options link, or by simply dragging and dropping the Participants panel back to the Collaborate panel.

Icon depicting the view content buttonAllows you to view content moderators and presenters have shared with the session.

Tools icon gearChange audio/video settings, or notification options. Get the phone number and PIN for participating in the audio portion of the session on your phone.

View Live Session Recordings 

  • Open your course in Blackboard

  • Select the link for Online Meetings in the menu on the left

  • Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

  • Select Recordings from the menu
    Decorative Image

  • Select the recording for the date of the session you wish to view and click the “Watch Now” button.

For more information, see Collaborate Ultra Help for Participants


  • If participating by phone instead of using the microphone on your computer, mute your phone by clicking on the phone icon next to your name in the Attendee list.

    • Attendees can only dial-in to a session on their phone if there is at least one attendee in the session already.

  • Keystrokes for turning audio and video on and off

    • Alt + M = turn on & off microphone

    • Alt + C = turn on and off camera

  • Sharing files: maximum file size = 60 MB, maximum total uploads = 125 MB

  • To keep the attendees panel open at all times:

    • Open the Collaborate Panel

    • Drag & drop the Attendees icon onto the main stage.

    • To close the Attendees panel, select the Options icon then Merge panel

  • Students can participate in Collaborate sessions from the Blackboard Student mobile app.

    • On a mobile device, to mute and unmute use *6

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