Printing from a personal Mac

*These directions are for personally-owned Macintosh computers connected to the SU network via Ethernet or AirOrangeX.

*You will need to have installed the correct driver of the corresponding printer before adding the printer in System Preferences.


1. Under System Preferences, Printers & Scanners click on the (+) button.


2. From the Add Printer window, right-click (control^ click) on the grey area next to Windows and select Customize Toolbar…


3. Drag the Advanced icon up to the toolbar, then click Done.


4. Match up the following fields below, editing the print queue name and location based on the printer you’re adding. You’ll find the print queue name labeled on the printer similar to the screenshot below. For this example, the print queue name is vpa-xer7970sh102.

Type: Windows printer via spools
Device: Another Device
URL: smb://



5. Click the drop down menu for “Choose a Driver”, then click Select Software…


6. Search for the printer model number for quicker results. Select the model you’re looking for and hit OK.


7. Click Add


8. Click Configure if prompted for optional settings (extra trays, duplex, memory, etc.).


9. Once you hit OK your printer should be installed.


You are now ready to print!

Please note:

 When you print for the first time to a SU printer, you will be prompted to authenticate. In the name field enter AD\NetID and your SU password. 

Faculty and staff print jobs are not hold/release, jobs will print immediately.  

Students printing to a VPA-Print printer will need to login to with their Net ID and password to release the print jobs and be charged against their available Papercut funds.

For more information please visit Printing at Syracuse University or scan the QR below.