The schedules for classrooms and production spaces in the Shaffer Art Building are public and accessible on the Facilities Hours page here.

**Note as of Fall 2023, all Cage requests must come through Orange Tracker - > CAGEHELP-1667. We can no longer service walk-in requests**


Swipe access requests for inner doors should be sent to Orange Tracker (CAGEHELP-1667) with the following information: 

    • The name of the person who needs swipe access 
    • The person’s SUID# 
    • Their position at the school 
    • The reason they need swipe access 
    • The duration of the access needed 

Swipe access requests need a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. For PTIs, TAs, and IAs, swipe access must be resubmitted every semester. Other restrictions may apply. For instance, swipe access will not be granted to the photo area except to faculty and TAs teaching in those spaces. Outer door swipe access is granted by the front office. 

Faculty can reserve rooms for classroom use on Outlook. Follow the below instructions:

Open Outlook. Go to your calendar. Select what day and time you need to book the room. 

Once you select a date and time, the following box will appear. Put your name and what class you are using the space for (i.e. FIL 420).

In the "invite required attendees" section, this is where you will type the room space you are wishing to book (i.e. 208: Cinematography Room).

This will automatically result in an approval or decline based on space availability. You will receive an email notification in either case.

*Note: the Digital Photo Lab (036E) is not reservable to faculty outside the Art Photography Program.

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