Syracuse University has created a version of its official business card specifically for the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The VPA business card may be ordered through the University’s Dupli online ordering system. Dupli is accessed through eProcurement on MySlice. If you don't have access to eProcurement, contact the office administrator in your area to find out who can assist you with your order.

How to Order a VPA Business Card

  1. Log into eProcurement (e-Pro) via MySlice
  2. Select "Create Requisition."
  3. Select DupliOnline as the merchant
  4. Select "Business Cards & Stationery" then "College of Visual and Performing Arts" and "College of Visual and Performing Arts Business Card" from the menu.
  5. Fill in the information and follow the instructions to submit your order.

For Dupli questions, contact Betsy McInerney, Syracuse University's Dupli liaison from the Office of Purchasing, at or 315.264.9093 or 315.443.5926.