We are happy to have so many talented and hard-working groups in the school. Due to the growing needs of students, school ensembles, and student groups in the school, the time and space allotted to each group in Crouse and Shaffer must be limited. This will make it possible to accommodate as many of our students’ activities as possible. We want to remind you of this so you can incorporate this into your planning for the semester.

Printable Crouse Room Use Agreement PDF 64KB 

In Crouse

Groups may sign out one room only for their standing rehearsals, if space and time is available. Weekly rehearsal time will be limited to 4 hours per week, if available, and unfortunately, we will not be able to make exceptions to this weekly limit. If a group has an event coming up, they can check to see if additional time might be available in the week leading up to the particular event. Please send in requests to Bryan Watson at bwatso02@syr.edu.

In Shaffer

Groups may sign out space on a weekly basis, once the use of the room and equipment has been approved by Dr. Coggiola. Please send requests to jccoggio@syr.edu

Just a reminder: All groups must comply with the usage agreement below in order to have continued ability to book the space:

  1. Groups will be considerate of others using the building and space
  2. Performances and classes in Setnor and Shemin must take priority over other activities in the building. If a performance requires the space or equipment in the space, the group asking for use of the room will be advised that the room is not available on that day. If the performance is distracted by activity in the room, the activity must be suspended. If students or faculty need to enter a room to retrieve items for a performance, they MUST be allowed access. Students involved in auditorium performances may occasionally need access to other rooms, and group agrees to give this access if needed. We will attempt to make this as minimal as possible to avoid interruption
  3. Rooms must be returned to classroom or standard set up immediately following use by group - no exceptions
  4. Group MUST arrange any use of additional equipment, such as technical equipment, percussion, with the appropriate professor in advance. In Crouse, groups CANNOT use any percussion equipment without prior permission from Mr. Bull or Dr Ethington. In Shaffer, groups must obtain permission from Dr. Coggiola. Permission to use room does NOT give students permission to use equipment.
  5. All windows must be closed, and door must be locked, even if there is another group scheduled after your use
  6. Pianos must be closed and plugged in – NEVER place anything on pianos
  7. Do not affix signs to any wood  or painted surfaces
  8. Use of technical equipment in a room is not allowed unless arranged and approved in advance – see staff in 301 for more information for technical equipment in Crouse.
  9. In Crouse, if the room is on the 2nd floor or 400, no activity (including quiet talking) can take place while a performance is in progress
  10. Any noise or other conflict with the performance, a class, or other activities will require group to stop until the performance or class is over. If there is a noise issue, group agrees to stop activities. Failure to comply with requests from students working the performance or from a faculty member will result in revocation of room privileges
  11. A lost key is the responsibility of the group, and will incur substantial costs. A group may only sign out ONE key per semester and must return it to the office at the end of the year (they cannot hand it off to the next leader). Lost key fees will be applied to the bursar account of the student signing out the key. If you are given a key code for a room, do NOT give it out to anyone else.
  12. Smoking is not permitted on campus. No alcohol is allowed. Food or drink is not permitted. Groups cannot leave items in rooms. Failure to restore rooms to clean and proper set up may result in revocation of room privileges
  13. If there is a problem or maintenance concern in the building, please let the staff in 301 know - for immediate urgent problems (leaking, etc.) please call 443-1234. For security concerns, call 443-2224

Compliance with these points is critical for continued use of the spaces, since there are many groups and classes that must share the rooms. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the group booking to be suspended for the remainder of the semester, and the key to be returned immediately. Please let us know if you have any concerns, or need assistance.

Thank you – we appreciate the cooperation and consideration of everyone sharing the spaces. Submission of the key request form serves as your agreement to all terms stated above.