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Wind auditions for the SU Wind Ensemble and SU Symphony Orchestra will take place the first day of classes, Monday, August 29, 2022 (it is a single audition for both ensembles). Required audition material for each instrument will be available on the Setnor web page by mid July. Audition sign-up sheets will be posted on the SU Bands board outside 400 Crouse College beginning Wednesday, August 24. For questions about wind auditions, please contact Dr. Bradley Ethington, Director of Bands ( If you are a percussionist, please contact Professor Michael Bull ( to arrange an audition. Auditions for these groups include required excerpts available below. The orchestra auditions for string players are a 2-3 octave scale of the student's choice, a 3-5 minute prepared solo or etude of the student’s choice, and prepared excerpts for your instrument.

  • Wind Ensemble meets MWF 12:45–2:05 pm.
    Please contact Dr. Bradley P. Ethington ( for more information. See the excerpts for your instrument to prepare below.
  • Orchestra meets MWF 3:45 -5:05 p.m.
    Please contact Dr. James Tapia ( for more information. The orchestra auditions for string players are a 2-3 octave scale of the student's choice, a 3-5 minute prepared solo or etude of the student’s choice, and prepared excerpts for your instrument, below:

BASSOON: Bassoon 2022

CLARINET: Clarinet 2022

EUPHONIUM: Euphonium 2022

FLUTE: Flute 2022

FRENCH HORN: French Horn 2022

OBOE: Oboe 2022

SAXOPHONE: Saxophone 2022

TRUMPET: Trumpet 2022

TROMBONE: Trombone 2022

TUBA: Tuba 2022

VIOLIN: Violin 2022

VIOLA: Viola 2022

CELLO: ‘Cello 2022

BASS: Bass 2022


Auditions for select choirs and voice screening for placement for all other choirs will take place Sunday, August 28 - Tuesday, August 30. For more information, visit for information, visit Setnor's select choirs include Hendricks Chapel Choir, Oratorio Society, and University Singers.

No preparation is necessary. The audition consists of vocalization (listening to your tone and determining your vocal range), tonal memory exercises, and sight-singing. There will also be time at the audition to answer any questions you may have about the different choirs we offer.  For any questions, please email

  • Crouse Chorale meets TTH 3:30-4:50 pm
  • Setnor Sonority meets TTH 3:30-4:50 pm
  • University Singers meets MWF 2:15-3:35 pm
  • Hendricks Chapel Choir meets TH 7-9:15 pm
  • Oratorio Society meets M 7-9:30 pm


Auditions for chamber ensembles, when needed, are arranged directly with the faculty member conducting the ensemble:

  • Opera Workshop meets MWF 3:45-5:05 pm. Students who are not music majors should plan to arrange for a brief audition - an aria or song of your choice should be presented; pianist will be provided. For more information, contact Professor Janet Brown.
  • SU’s Brazilian Ensemble, Samba Laranja, meets TTH 5-6:20 pm. For more information, contact Professor Josh Dekaney.
  • Contemporary Performance Lab meets in the fall semester, M,W,F 11:40 am-12:35 p.m. and is open to all music majors without audition. The ensemble divides into multiple mixed chamber groups to utilize all available players and singers, as well as a free improvisation ensemble. Non-music majors who wish to participate should contact Dr. Nic Scherzinger.
  • Guitar Ensemble meets T 12:30-1:50 pm. For more information, contact Dr. Ken Meyer.
  • Percussion Ensemble meets T 12:30-3:15 pm. Students should be able to play multiple percussion instruments and should contact Professor Michael Bull before registering and for more information.
  • Saxophone Ensemble meets T 5-6:20 pm. For more information, contact Professor Anne Kunkle.
  • String Chamber Music groups are scheduled at agreed upon times once the groups are formed. For more information on registering for this program, contact Professor Will Knuth.
  • Baroque Ensemble meets in the spring semester, TTH 2:00-3:20 pm and is open to all music majors without audition. Non-music majors must audition. For all non-music majors who wish to participate in Baroque Ensemble, contact Professor Janet Brown.


Fall 2022 Ensemble auditions:


Jazz and Commercial Music (JCM) instrumental ensemble auditions will take place on Monday, August 29 in Shaffer Art Building. JCM instrumental auditions will take place from 12:00-8:00pm. The Google Sheet sign-up document is available by clicking here.

 Trumpet, trombone, and saxophone auditions will be held from 12-6 pm in room 202C Shaffer Art Building, and will include a self-prepared jazz selection, jazz sight reading (provided), and improvisation over the blues in a key of your choice.
 Rhythm section auditions (piano, guitar, bass drum set) will be held from 6:30-8 pm in room 201 Shaffer and will include group performance demonstrating time keeping/improvisation over the blues/swing/Latin selections, and chart/sight reading. Questions: Please contact Dr. John Coggiola.


Vocal Jazz Auditions: Auditions for vocal jazz ensembles, and vocal positions in The Morton Schiff Jazz Ensemble, Orange Juice Jazz Combo, Jazz/Funk Ensemble, and Citrus Punch (Rock Ensemble) will be held Sunday, August 28th in room 310 Crouse College from 2-8pm. The audition will include: melodic and rhythmic sight reading, performance of the blues, chromatic, and/or dorian scales,  improvisation over a 12 bar blues and rhythm changes in (prepare 2 choruses), and a prepared performance of a jazz standard of your choice (med. swing) and a song of your choice and style. The Google Sheet sign-up document is available by clicking here. . Please contact Professor Marianne Solivan with questions.

A complete list of JCM classes, ensembles, and lessons can be found here:

Jazz Classes Fall 2022