Graduation Checklist Downloadable Word Doc

Graduate Thesis and Comprehensive Exam Scheduling Checklist

Go to Graduate School Website.

  1. As you make progress toward the completion of your thesis or exams, poll your committee as to their availability, ideally in mid- to late April, to hold a defense meeting.
  2. Check the Graduate School website for all forms and deadlines.
  3. Identify a defense chair. This person cannot be your advisor and must be from outside the CRS department.
  4. Confirm a defense time and location. Ask for office staff assistance with room scheduling. Allot 1.5 hours for the defense. Tell your committee where and when the meeting will be held.
  5. As you near completion of your thesis or exams, and at least three weeks before your defense, alert the Graduate School about the scheduled defense using the Request for Examination Form at the Graduate School Website.
  6.  Also file a Plan of Study Form.
  7.  File a diploma request on MySlice.
  8. Send your thesis or comprehensive exam answers to your committee no later than two full weeks before the defense date.
  9. Work with your advisor to prepare for the meeting. Make sure the chair has the requisite paperwork. Have a wonderful defense!
  10. Complete revisions if any are required. Format the document according to the Graduate School template. Deposit your thesis with the Graduate School on or before the due date, usually in the first week of May. Find deadlines here. There is also a thesis submittal checklist at that site.
  11. Attend commencement and hooding ceremonies if you can!