A helpful video 

First, you need to update your Zoom account’s settings to allow for live streaming.

Step One: How to Enable live-streaming from user’s Zoom account

  1. Launch the Zoom app

  2. Click on settings

  3. Under general, select ‘view more settings

  4. A Zoom web page will pop up. 

    1. Under the ‘meeting’ tab, scroll down to the ‘allow live streaming meeting’ option. Select appropriate boxes.

Now your Zoom account is livestream enabled!

Step Two: Create and schedule a live-stream event in YouTube/Facebook

(The admin of the YouTube channel/Facebook will have to do this.)

They will need to pass the following info onto the Zoom host:

  • Stream key

  • Stream URL

  • Link to share with public (found under the share option)

Step Three: Zoom Host Starts the meeting

  1. Start the meeting

  2. Under the ‘more’ option, select ‘live on custom live streaming service

  3. Enter in the stream key, stream URL, and public link

You should probably do a test run before streaming to a live audience