The Office of Communications plans and produces the college’s internal and external communications efforts to various constituencies, including prospective students/parents, alumni, and donors. We work closely with the college’s administrative offices and academic units as well as the University’s Divisions of Marketing and Communications. Our projects are prioritized based on the college’s goals and strategies. Priority is given to college-wide projects (recruitment materials, for example) and dean’s initiatives. 

Communication Services Policy for VPA Schools, Departments, and Offices

The VPA Office of Communications provides a number of services to VPA schools, departments, and offices, including:

  • Stewardship of University and VPA brand tools, including VPA logo and school/department visual representation and messaging
  • Website design, content management, development, and oversight of website accessibility for the college’s site ( Note: Information related to VPA degree programs and initiatives should be hosted on and not an independent website for a better user experience and to ensure appropriate branding, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Design and copyediting of print and digital pieces, including brochures, postcards, flyers, invitations, posters, and advertising*
  • Sourcing and design of branded premiums (promotional products) via approved University vendors**
  • Oversight of college photo and video assets
  • Administration and content management of digital signage in VPA buildings
  • Marketing and communications strategies, including media relations

*Advertising refers to paid promotional messages or listings in print and digital publications, online, or on billboards, radio, or television that utilize the college and University name, logos, trademarks, images, or URLs referring to any program, initiative, service, or operation of VPA.

**A branded premium is a custom-imprinted item that utilizes the college and/or University name, logos, trademarks, images, or URLs referring to any program, initiative, service, or operation of VPA. Many college and University marks are considered trademarks or registered trademarks, and improper use of them can result in personal or institutional legal liability.


If you are planning a project supported by VPA funding that requires one of these services (including faculty research projects supported by VPA or University funding), please contact the Office of Communications before beginning the project, placing an order, or hiring an outside vendor. We require you do this for several reasons:

  • We may be able to provide the services you need at no cost to your school, department, or office. Our staff includes a graphic designer, web content manager, and web developer. We also have access to University marketing and communications resources.
  • We will ensure that University guidelines for branding, editorial style, trademarks, and accessibility are followed.
  • If we are unable to provide the services you need, we can connect you with a vendor that has been vetted and approved by the University. You should not hire an outside vendor for communications-related services until you receive approval from the Office of Communications.

NOTE: In coordination with the college’s Office of Budget and Operations, the director of the Office of Communications reviews and approves proposals for purchases or contracts related to the services listed above. The purchases/contracts must then be reviewed and signed by the University Comptroller. Please note that faculty, staff, and deans are not authorized to sign contracts as these documents must be reviewed and signed by the University Comptroller.

Should you choose to hire a vendor without prior approval from the Office of Communications, your school/department/office request for payment may be denied.

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