The college is fortunate to have full-time staff that are capable and hold the appropriate credentials to teach courses or applied lessons in one of our degree programs. Sometimes teaching load is ongoing and built-in to the staff member’s appointment letter such that a given percentage of effort is assigned to teaching and the remaining percentage (totaling no more than 100%) is devoted to staff work. At other times, the staff position involves 100% effort and the individual teaches part-time above and beyond their full-time staff load. Obviously, there need to be limits to ensure that the teaching load does not begin to compromise the full-time staff position. The college has therefore set that limit to be equivalent to a one 3-credit course load per semester.

Exceptions to this limit are appropriate under the following circumstances: 

  • The additional teaching responsibilities occur in the evenings or on weekends or at other times when the staff member would not normally be working in their staff role; 
  • There may be occasional or ongoing exceptions for Syracuse Stage staff who teach part-time in the Department of Drama because of the unique and synergistic relationship between Stage and Drama. Any exceptions will involve consultation with the appropriate supervisory personnel at Syracuse Stage and will be documented in writing with appropriate signatures from the staff member’s supervisor and the department chair in Drama;
  • Any other exceptions must have advanced written approval from the dean.