Student Recitals

Scheduling is determined by a lottery system. The lottery drawing will determine the order of which recitals are scheduled (the student with the lowest lottery number has the first choice, etc.). The recital lottery takes place in a September Convocation. Students who are eligible to participate in the lottery are performance majors, and those students with performance honors who have REQUIRED recitals. Music education students arranging a lecture recital who want to use a classroom will discuss this with their advisor and should schedule with Michelle Taylor directly.

Students are called up in the following order:

  1. Music education majors who are student teaching next semester/students going abroad who have not yet scheduled their fall recital
  2. Grad Year Two
  3. Grad Year One
  4. Seniors
  5. Juniors

The first group chooses numbers and dates, then the lottery moves to the next group. If a student needs to choose two recital dates (last year and this year), they draw one number and book them both at once. If a student is choosing for him/herself and someone else, draw two separate numbers. Students sharing a recital should choose one number and select together.

Students should come prepared with a short list of dates that are NOT possible, rather than just a few that are possible. You must review these with your professors prior to the recital lottery.

Students will have 1-1.5 minutes at the book to choose a date. If prepared, this is enough time.

When possible, potential conflicts have been listed on the sheets, such as football games, basketball games, concerts, etc., but we cannot predict every possible conflict, and those schedules are subject to

If a student does not find a date that suits them on the recital lottery day, they should not panic.
Choose a date at least as a hold, and review the following options:

  • Check on a weekday recital and if approved, work with operations on a date.
  • Review the schedule for finals week when it is set, to see if there is any availability.

Once a recital date has been established, review the recital packet on the website. All due dates in the recital packet must be honored. If a student wishes to set up a meeting to talk about the recital, please review the recital information first, and then e-mail Michelle Taylor at to set up a meeting. After the recital lottery, students have two weeks to request a change in a recital date. If student requests a change after this time, they may not be guaranteed a date.