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Remote Access
SU ITS and VPA IT offer several options for remote access to systems and data at the University. The right choice for you depends on your individual needs and circumstances. This page is intended to serve as an overview of the available options, and provide a guide for access specific systems and data. If you have questions, contact VPA IT using OrangeTracker by emailing or by opening a support request in the VPA IT Project on the OrangeTracker web site.

Available Options for Remote Access

University-managed Microsoft Windows 10 mobile device

Managed PC laptops and tablets running Windows 10 benefit from an always-on Virtual Private Network (VPN) called Device Tunnel, making them trusted endpoints of the University network. Using one of these devices when away from campus should provide access to all of the same services expected when on campus: MySlice portal applications, OnBase, H: and G: drives et cetera. No additional software or configuration is required, and this Device Tunnel VPN also meets the VPN requirement for using a Remote Desktop connection back to a desktop PC on campus or the VPA-TS virtual terminal server option described below.

If you're experiencing difficulty using a managed Windows 10 laptop or tablet when off campus, please open a support request with VPA IT.


The SURA VPN software (for PCs) and network configuration profile (for Macs) creates an on-demand Virtual Private Network back to campus for access to some resources, and is a prerequisite for the Remote Desktop connection options listed below.

If you have a University-managed Mac laptop, please open a support request with VPA IT to schedule installation and configuration of the software on your computer.

If you have a personally-owned Mac or PC desktop or laptop, you may download and install the required components for SURA VPN by following these instructions.

Note that SURA VPN alone will not provide access to either MySlice portal applications or your H: or G: drives, but is a prerequisite. Those who require direct access to H: and G: drives over VPN must submit a support request to VPA IT and complete required ITS Security training and approval to be added to the VPN-Elevated-Access group.

Remote Desktop Connection to a managed on-campus Windows PC desktop

If you have an assigned on-campus Windows PC desktop, you may submit a support request to VPA IT to have Remote Desktop enabled on your PC. This will allow you to connect to your own campus computer from another computer when working off-campus. The experience will be similar to sitting at your University computer, and will provide access to the same systems and data including MySlice portal applications, OnBase, H: and G: drives, et cetera. Note that SURA VPN is a prerequisite, and the VPN software must be installed and enabled on the computer from which you'll be connecting back to campus.

Remote Desktop Connection to, the college's virtual terminal server cluster

If you do not have an assigned on-campus Windows PC desktop, or if your on-campus PC is turned off, you may use the college's new virtual terminal server cluster, called This is very similar to the former ITS-managed terminal server environment,, but updated with MS Windows 10 and all of the latest common administrative applications. Working with vpa-ts will be very much like working on any campus managed PC desktop, and provides access to all of the standard systems and services including MySlice portal applications, OnBase, NextStep SSO (FAST), and MyReports.

The ITS Virtual Desktop Environment

ITS is now hosting a highly scalable Virtual Desktop Environment capable of handing thousands of simultaneous connections. This is available to all faculty, staff and students from any computer with a web browser, and does not require VPN. The software available on these virtual desktops matches the suite available in the ITS Public Labs, and may not have all software required for advanced administrative responsibilities. Instructions are available on Answers. 

Microsoft Office 365

The latest release of the Microsoft office suite includes the OneDrive and Teams cloud storage services, facilitating team collaboration and access to documents and other files from anywhere with an internet connection. Faculty, staff, and students may install the Office 365 software on up to five computers, including personally-owned computers, for access to the same applications and services when working remotely. Use of Office 365 does not require VPN or Remote Desktop, and even works for many use cases from any standard web browser by visiting the Office 365 Portal. You will be able to access all of your personal OneDrive storage (250 Gigabytes) and storage associated with Microsoft Teams for which you are a member (250 Gigabytes per Team).

Information on Office 365 at Syracuse University

Google G-Suite

G-Suite is a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products similar to Office 365, and providing similar cloud storage and team collaboration. Access to G-Suite applications and files stored there is available from any computer with a standard web browser and internet connection.

Information on Google's G-Suite at Syracuse University

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