This statement is an attempt to capture the essence of research in the school and to act as a prompt for further discussion. The aim of this process is that we establish ourselves as a broad ranging professionally orientated educational unit with diverse activity, which has a significant contribution to make to the design sector both in education and in professional practice.

Our primary assumption is that all faculty will be engaging in research to inform and improve their teaching. This will take the form of research for up to date and relevant content but also should include research that ensures faculty understand and apply current pedagogic practices to ensure a high quality learning experience.

In addition those faculty employed as tenured or on tenure track are required to engage in research, creative and scholarly activity.

In the school of design we recognize and value a spectrum of research, creative and scholarly activity and assert that one of the primary function of such activity is to inform and enhance learning and teaching.

We recognize that creative and professional practice is important. However, it cannot take place in a vacuum. In order to be of value to the educational experience it is essential that faculty reflect on their process and practice, distilling and capturing the key learning elements in order that they can communicate these firstly to students and colleagues and then to other communities such as conferences and the wider design sector. This might be a new class, a project, a paper, a poster or a book. Essentially, it is this process of reflective practice that we recognize as the essential core to all research and creative scholarly activity.

We as a new school have a vast spectrum of excellence in research, creative and scholarly activity and teaching practice, which will be of great interest to students and the wider scholarly community once we begin to capture and communicate our expertise.

The way forward:

  • This year we will be having regular research lunches, arranged by our team of tenure track faculty. These events will provide the opportunity for faculty to share their research process and practice. Please make every effort to attend.
  • We anticipate that these presentations will prompt an open dialogue on the nature of research in the school and help us to identify emerging areas of focus.
  • To encourage the emerging research culture we will be looking at ways to disseminate the information from the presentations and for funds to pump prime and encourage these research activities.

JF: 2.3.15 D3