These directions are for Students or Faculty/Staff who need to print from a SU-owned Windows computer connected to the SU network.

1. (a) Right-click Start. (b) Select Settings.

2. (a) Click Devices. (b) Click Devices and Printers.

3. Click Add a Printer.

4. Click The printer I want isn't listed.

5. Click Select a shared printer by name

6. In the name field enter:\\\  

7. When the list of printers appears below \\\  

8. Select the printer you want. 

9. On the "You've successfully added" window, do the following:

Click Next.

Click Finish.

Faculty and Staff jobs are not hold/release, so the jobs print immediately.

Students who print to a VPA-Print printer will be required to login into with their Net ID and password to release the print jobs and be charged against their available Papercut funds. 

 For more information, visit Printing at Syracuse University.