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Refer to the below to find supply lists for your corresponding program. 

Printable School of Art Supply List [Word]


Laptops capable of running Adobe Creative Suite are recommended.


The following supplies will cover the core needs of your required classes for the year. You may need to buy more of some of these materials if you use them up. Some classes will require additional materials. These materials can be purchased online or in art stores such as Commercial Art Supply (935 Erie Blvd) and the Syracuse University Campus Store (Schine Student Center, 200 Waverly).

Painting and Drawing Supplies

  • 18 x 24 drawing pad (good quality Strathmore 400)
  • 11 X 14 Bristol Vellum pad
  • Sketchbook (you may need multiple sketchbooks; certain classes may require specific sizes, but start off with at least one of a size and style you prefer)
    • Vine charcoal (soft, medium and hard)
    • Compressed charcoal (CharKole) (medium and soft)
  • Charcoal pencils (soft, medium and hard)
  • Black, sanguine, and white Conte crayons
  • Set of drawing pencils with a variety of hardness/softness 4H-6B
    • Black fine-line ink pen
  • White plastic eraser
    • Kneaded eraser
  • Acrylic paint (at least 6 colors and black [2oz] plus a large tube of Titanium White)
  • Brushes (selection of flats and rounds - recommended sizes 2- 10)

General Stuff

  • 12” metal ruler
    • Scissors
    • Needle nose pliers with wire cutter
    • X-Acto knife and blades
    • Utility knife and blades
  • Cutting mat (at least 9x12”)
    • Large hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • White glue (like Elmer’s)
  • Glue brush (any cheap brush, like a chip brush, about ¼” wide)
    • Masking tape
    • Simple portfolio (waterproof) and supply box or bag

Printable Drama Supply List [PDF]

If you have questions, please contact your Program Coordinator or Assistant Program Coordinator.

Celia Madeoy
Thom Miller

Musical Theater
Andrea Leigh Smith
Rebecca Karpoff

Stage Management
Don Buschmann

Theater Management
Jim Clark
Jill Anderson

Theater Design & Technology
Maria Marrero
Alex Koziara

•Computer (laptop or tablet) with good wireless and videoconferencing capabilities (for those coursesthat will be delivered online, and for the remote learning portion of any hybrid courses). Audio andvideo recording and editing capability strongly recommended.
•Headphones, earbuds, or AirPods


  • Sweats and loose, comfortable clothing
  • 1 pair sneakers (athletic or jazz sneakers)
  • Water Bottle
  • Yoga Mat
  • Large Journal (8 ½ x 11) for reflection, writings, notes
  • Colored pencils/markers
  • Small whiteboard and dry erase markers
  • Personal hand-held mirror•One Tennis Ball
  • One 4 foot Wooden Dowel Rod (usually sold 1” inch in diameter)

Musical Theater

Required Equipment:

  • Digital keyboard (small is fine – we recommend Casio SA-76)
  • Computer (laptop or tablet) with videoconference capabilities for those courses that will be delivered online, and for the remote learning portion of any hybrid courses.
    • Second device (tablet or phone) for playing recorded tracks
    • External speaker (wired or Bluetooth) for practicing and performing with recorded tracks
    • Earbuds
    • Access to digital keyboard or piano
    • External microphone such as Blue Yeti USB
    • Wireless earbuds
    • Additional set of over-the-ear headphones
    • Garageband or other audio and/or video editing software
    • Ring Light
    • Tripod for video equipment

Highly recommended

  • External microphone such as Blue Yeti USB
  • Wireless earbuds
  • Additional set of over-the-ear headphones

Optional, but nice to have

  • Garageband or other audio and/or video editing software
  • Ring Light
  • Tripod for video equipment

Required equipment for all Dance Classes

  • Flex-band. Medium strength, 5 feet in length Yoga mat or Pilates mat
  • Knee Pads (Asics neoprene super sleeve kneepad) Foam Roller (whole or half, nubs or not)
  • Ice packs (to break open conveniently for personal use)

Required attire for Dance Classes: Ballet: Women

  • 4 pair pink dance tights
  • 4 black dance leotards
  • 1 pair pink ballet shoes
  • Short skirt optional, leg warmers are permitted

Ballet: Men

  • 4 pair black dance tights,
  • 4 tank/t-shirts (white or solid color),
  • 3-4 dance belts
  • 1 pair black ballet shoes (fitted with or without wearing white socks, optional)
  • Belt or waist elastic to secure tights at the waist
  • Leg warmers are permitted

Jazz: Women

  • 2 pair black leggings or tights (black or tan)
  • 2 leotards or fitted tops (black or color)
  • 1 pair black jazz shoes (Bloch or Capezio)
  • 1 pair 2 ½-3-inch heel character shoe (La Duca or Capezio)

Jazz: Men

  • 2 pair black jazz pants /leggings or fitted sweatpants, no shorts.
  • 2 fitted solid color t-shirts
  • 1 pair black jazz shoes (Bloch or Capezio)
  • Dance belt

Tap: Women and Men

Beginning tappers and gentlemen: flat tap shoes are appropriate (Capezio, Miller and Ben, and the Bloch Jason Samuel Smith shoe).

More advanced tapper women: 1 pair 2 ½ - 3-inch heel (Capezio or La Duca).

*The Jazz clothing requirement above is the same for Tap and all other Theater Styles, Repertoire, and Topics classes

Theater Design & Technology and Stage Management

For DRD 140/240, a personal tools kit that includes the following:


  • PPE: Safety Glasses/Hearing Protection/Gloves
  • Hammer, minimum 16oz
  • Pliers
  • 5 in 1 Screwdriver
  • Retractable metal Tape Measure – at least 12’ long and with 1/16” marks
  • 8” Adjustable Crescent Wrench with hole for attaching a lanyard
  • paint brushes (probably 2-3, sizes will be specified)
  • Paint sponge
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Quality scissor
  • Seam riper
  • Hand sewing needles – medium
  • Straight pins
  • Pin dish or cushion
  • Fabric Tape Measure
  • Something to store everything in 
  • A good Multi-tool (Gerber, Leatherman, or similar quality)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Continuity Tester

Here is a helpful link if you would like to order instead of buying yourself:

Please note that if you already have any of these, you do not need to buy. Please keep receipts for what you do purchase for the above toolkit and the Department will reimburse you up to 50% of the cost or a maximum of $50, whichever amount is lower.

For DRD 112 – Drafting, please reference the link below:

Printable Design Supply List [Word]

All incoming Design students should have the following materials. If a student already has some of these tools and supplies they do not need to purchase the entire kit. Students may also purchase these items individually form the bookstore or another retailer of art and design tools.  Please note:  All students are expected to have all of the design tools below with them on the first day of class.

  • Cutting Mat 12x18 Translucent
  • Xacto Knife
  • Box 100 #11 Xacto Blades
  • 24” Cork Backed Steel Ruler
  • 45/45/90 Triangle (10” size)
  • Sobo Glue 4oz
  • Aluminum Push Pins 1/2"
  • Drawing Pencils: 1 @ HB, 1 @ 2B, 1@ Ebony Pencil
  • 2 @ Black Conte Crayon
  • Sharpie Marker Black Extra Fine
  • Sharpie Marker Black Fine
  • Large Black Marker
  • Masking Tape
  • White Plastic Eraser
  • Canister Pencil Sharpener
  • Pad 14”x18” White Drawing Paper (50lb or similar)
  • Sketch Book (9” x 12” Minimum)
  • OSHA-approved Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection (NIOSH 20db NRR)
  • Some method of taking digital photographs
  • An External Hard Drive for backing up work

Printable Fashion Design Supply List [Word]

In addition to the items on the list for all School of Design students, Fashion Design students should purchase the following additional items prior to your arrival on campus:

▪ 8” Dressmaking Shears (we highly recommend Gingher KNIFE EDGE, not serrated)

▪ Paper Scissors (colored plastic handle makes it easier to differentiate with Fabric Shears!)

▪ 4” embroidery scissors (knife edge, also Gingher)

▪ Seam ripper (I recommend Clover brand)

▪ Tape Measure 60”

▪ Clear Plastic ruler, 18” x 2”, 1/8” grid (NO metal edge, often found in the quilting area)

▪ Sewing gauge, 6” with movable indicator

▪ Pin Cushion / magnet (Optional: wrist pin cushion/magnet)

▪ Dritz Yellow headed quilters pins (500)

▪ Hand sewing needles, SIZE 10 SHARPS

▪ Loop turner

▪ Point turner

▪ Fine point disappearing ink marking pen (recommend Clover)

▪ Toolbox for all of your supplies

▪ 1 or 2” 3-ring binder

▪ Package of 50 clear plastic sheet protectors for 3 ring binder

▪ Package of card stock

Fashion Fabric for garment projects:

▪ Fabric #1: SOLID COLOR (other than black) Lightweight woven cotton (100%) 2½ yards; 1 spools of matching thread, Gutermann #100, 100% polyester. This is for a dress.

▪ Fabric #2: SOLID COLOR bottom weight woven fabric (Cotton, linen, etc) 3 yards; 1 spool of matching thread, Gutermann #100, 100% polyester. This is for a pair of pants, so this should feel sturdier than your dress fabric.

▪ Fabric #3: medium weight woven fabric (recommend natural fiber) 1 1/4 yards; 1 spool of matching thread, Gutermann #100, 100% polyester. *This is for a bag of your own design. You may choose to wait to acquire fabric until you work through the design.

*Please double check that your fabric does not contain spandex or Lycra!


The following kit of items must be purchased directly at the SU Bookstore (ask at the front desk):

The kit contains all JUKI Industrial Sewing Machine Equipment Parts (total cost TBA). QTY








Zipper Foot






Invisible Zipper Foot






Needles Size 12 10pk






Bobbin Case



Threading Wire






Presser Foot SCREW



Needle Screw



Presser Foot



Magnetic Gauge



#9 Ball Point needles - 10 pk



Schmetz DCX1 Serger Needles