Visual and Performing Arts
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  • Shoot horizontal (landscape orientation)
    • Make sure no objects block the camera
  • Background
    • Be aware of what's in it
  • Zoom
    • Zoom with your feet, not phone. Zooming with the camera causes quality loss.


  • Take video or photo with a smartphone

DO NOT use a computer camera unless that's your only option. 


  • Use a tripod or rest your phone on something flat
  • Avoid moving around
  • Avoid fast moments


  • Avoid background noises if possible
  • Stay inside (avoid wind noise)
  • Don't touch the camera, as the mic will pick up those sounds
  • Use a mic if you can, like iPhone headphones or AirPods


  • Avoid harsh light or dark shadows
  • Keep consistent lighting if possible

Sharing your video with us

We ask for you to upload your video to Google Drive and share it with

If you're unfamiliar with the university's G Suite, please see the instructions here.

Other drive services like Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. work as well but we prefer to stick with university supplied software.

Formatting your media for a website

If your media is to be uploaded to the college's website,, please see guidelines for formatting video/photo/audio/content  for more info. 

Simple how-to take photos demo