Shops in VPA serve all students, faculty, and staff in support of academic endeavors.  All VPA shops are staffed, full time, by knowledgeable shop technicians. Technicians are here to maintain a clean and safe work environment, as well as to guide participants in the learning process. Everyone must adhere to the rules and requests of the VPA Shop’s staff, as those rules are in place to ensure the safety of all users. If you are at all unclear about policies or how to safely/properly use the space or specific tooling, please consult a shop technician.  We strive to be an inclusive, intimidation-free environment. There are no dumb questions, especially when it comes to your safety!
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Shop Locations

The School of Visual and Performing Arts is home to four separate fabrication spaces on campus including:

  • The Nancy Cantor Warehouse   (map location click here)
  • Comstock Arts Building  (map location click here)
  • Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer Art Building   (map location click here)

The Warehouse

The Nancy Cantor Warehouse is one of the VPA’s most comprehensive facilities on campus. At this location students have access to: 

  • Wood/Metal Shop (1st Floor, Suite 118)
  • Plastic Shop (Basement Level, Room# 0004B)
  • Digital Fabrication Lab (1st Floor, Suite 130)
  • Plot Lab (1st Floor, Suite 130)
  • Spray Paint Booths (Basement Level, Room# 0004A)
  • Network Connected Paper Printing (3rd, 5th, and 6th Floors in the Common Area)
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Shaffer Art Building

The Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer Art Building is the VPA’s primary hub for transmedia and 2D art facilities on campus. It houses one of VPA's most unique and inexpensive printing facilities.  At this location students have access to:

  • Plot and Risograph Lab (3rd Floor,  Room #366)
  • Spray Paint Booths (4th Floor, Room# 443)
  • Network Connected Paper Printing (3rd Floor, Hallway) 


The Comstock Arts Building houses one of the VPA’s largest fabrication facilities on campus. At this location students have access to:

  • Wood and Metal Shops (1st Floor, Room# 014)
  • Digital Fabrication Lab (1st Floor, Room# 020) 
  • Spray Booths (1st Floor, Room# 042)
  • Network Connected Paper Printing (1st Floor, Room# 043)
  • Submit a Request for ComArt Building Access

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Staff Information

Chris Prior
Director of VPA Fabrication Shops

Ron DeRutte
Studio Technician

James Brunet
Plastic Studio Technician

Patrick McGuan
Studio Technician

Richard Ensor
Studio Technician