Providing ALS for Web Conferencing Events

In Zoom Webinars, invite the ASL interpreter as a panelist.  They will need to have their webcam on.

Set video layout for attendees

The host will need to set the video layout for attendees. This option can be found by opening the participant's window on the toolbar. Once the window is opened, click the three dots at the bottom of the participant's window. For attendees to view the ASL interpreter, the host will need to set the video layout to Follow host view mode or Gallery View.

  • Follow host view mode - attendees will see what view the host has set. 
  • Active Speaker View - Set by default. This view will switch between the host or panelist who is speaking.
  • Gallery View – This view will show the host and all panelists if their video is on.

Follow host view mode -  Attendees will see what view the host has set. 

The host must have their view set to the gallery view, not speaker view. Click Gallery View in the upper right corner of your Zoom window to enter Gallery View. This will allow the attendee to view the panelists as well as the ASL interpreter. 

So you've been invited to a Zoom (or Google Hangouts) meeting ...

Gallery View - This view will show the host and all panelists if their video is on.

When a participant shares their screen in a Meeting/Webinar it is preferred that the host sets the "View" icon in the upper right corner of the application to  "Side by Side-Gallery". 

Note - The attendee will need to change their own view options to the side by side mode in order to see the ASL interpreter. The view options for the attendees are found at the top labeled - View Options.

This allows the user to adjust the size of the video via the Scale Bar in-between the webcams and shared screen


In the web portal, click settings, then the Recording tab. 

Check the following settings under Cloud Recording. 

  • Record active speaker with shared screen: Record both active speaker view and shared content on the same video.
  • Record gallery view with shared screen: Record both gallery view and shared content on the same video. Note - By default, when someone is sharing their screen, the active speaker will show on the top right corner of the shared screen. 
  • Record active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen separately: Select the recording layout types that you want to record as separate videos.
    Note: By selecting this file type for cloud recordings, you will see the shared screen recording beside the active speaker / gallery view when viewing a cloud recording using the Zoom web portal.
  • Record an audio only file: Only receive an M4A file with a recording of the audio.
  • Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar: Receive a TXT file with the transcript of in-meeting chat messages.
    Note: For meetings, the chat transcript saved on the cloud will only include chat messages sent to everyone. For webinars, the saved chat will only include messages from the host and panelists to all participants. Messages sent between individuals are not saved on the cloud. 

NoteSince the ASL interpreters will only be interpreting the presenters/panelist’s speech, all questions from the attendees will have to occur through the Q&A tool on Zoom. When reading questions from the Q&A, make sure to restate the question before answering it. This will ensure that both the question and answers are interpreted for the attendees. 

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