Follow these Instructions to use XLSTAT to Excel

If you attempt to open XLSTAT from the Start menu You may get an error that states the following, "Couldn't find Excel.exe"

Open Excel, the picture below should be what you see.  XLSTAT at the end of the Toolbar.

If you open Excel and do not see the XLSTAT. Follow the instructions below to add it. 

  1. Go to the “file” tab

  2. Select “Options"


        3. Go to “Add-ins”

      4. Click on “browse**

         5. Select C: and then Program Files

       6. Select “Addinsoft” and then “XLSTAT”

        7. Choose “XLSTATRIB”

Following this, you should see XLSTAT in the top bar. Click on it and then start XLSTAT

If you encounter an issue where the version says XLSTAT Free, the solution is to just exit Excel and Open it again. The error should only happen the first time XLSTAT is opened.

From here, it is your choice if you and to take tutorials, but these windows can be closed out.

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