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The following page provides steps to adding a Xerox C8070 to the currently existing PaperCut environment. 

First Steps and Recommendations

Request the Device License

Please contact the PMTT to request the license for your device. To do so, send a detailed email to pmtt@syr.edu indicating the exact make and model of the device. Please also include contact information if additional information is required. 

Request License Early If Possible
Note that MFD licenses are limited and contacting the PMTT is recommended during the consideration of the product. Last minute license requests may not be available and may result in delays to product use.

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Security Configuration

Follow the Imaging Device Guideline (G0101) for securing the device located at: {+}https://answers.syr.edu/display/infosec011/SU+Information+Technology+Security+Standards+and+Procedures?preview=/54362577/54887652/ImagingDeviceGuidelines-G0101.pdf+
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PaperCut Admins

The PaperCut Admins will need to perform a couple steps to get your device ready. PaperCut Admins follow the instructions found here. Contact the Print Management Technical Team by emailing pmtt@syr.edu. Include that you are setting up a new MFD device and confirm that you have configured the device using the security guidelines. 
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Organizational Unit Required Information

The organization requires the following to properly add the device:

  1. Device name:  OU-Your name for the device-copier
  2. Location or Department information
  3. IP address of the device
  4. Device's administrator username
  5. Device's administrator password

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Configuring the Copier

  1. Change Admin Password (Properties (along the top of the page) → Security → Password Policies → Admin Password). 

  2. Add additional local device PaperCut administrator account (Ex. lib-papercut-devices admin) to use at the physical device (Properties -> Login/Permissions/Accounting -> Device User Database -> Add New User) Be sure when adding the user that the System Administrator role is checked.
Account Info Provided by PMTT
The local account information for this step will be provided by the PMTT member assisting you with this process.

    1. Put in User Name, Friendly Name, and Password.
    2. Give the account: Accounting Administrator and System Administrator Permissions.
  1. Enable Secure HTTPS (Properties -> Connectivity -> Protocols -> HTTP -> Secure HTTPS) This will restart the web service.  
  2. Change Certificate Key Length to 2048 (Properties -> Security -> Certificates -> Certificate Key Length).
  3. Create a New Default Xerox Device Certificate with a far expiration date. (Properties -> Security -> Certificates -> Security Certificates -> Create New Xerox Certificate).
  4. Set SNMP v1/v2c Properties the following: (Properties -> Connectivity -> Protocols -> SNMP).
    1. GET Community Name: public (susnmp once we make PaperCut change).
    2. SET Community Name: To your own private name.
  5. Turn off Services you will not need on device (Properties -> Services -> Service Registration) – also removes from interface.
  6. Turn on Accounting Method and set to Network Accounting (Properties -> Accounting -> Setup -> Current Accounting Method -> Network Accounting).
  7. Set Authentication Method on the machine's touch interface to Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System (Properties -> Security -> Authentication -> Setup -> Authentication method on the machine's touch interface (Touch UI) -> Edit -> Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System).
    1. Configure Xerox Secure Access Setup with the following: (Click on the edit button below for Xerox Secure Access Setup -> Manually Override Settings or Manually Configure).
      1. Device Log In Methods = Xerox Secure Access Device + alternate on-screen authentication method.
      2. Accounting Information = Automatically apply Accounting Codes from the server.
    2. Setup Tools and Feature Access through the Custom Access option: Each copier could be different.
      1. Services Pathway needs to be unlocked to change individual services settings.
      2. Change the individual services to locked or unlocked depending your needs.

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Getting Help

 If you have general questions or are having technical difficulties with SU's printing management system, contact the Print Management Technical Team by emailing pmtt@syr.edu.
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