Find a quiet location with little background noise. Avoid areas with lots of echoes. The audio recording is just as important as the video recording.

Choose a non-distracting background. Avoid windows, moving objects, people in the background, etc.  Tidy up your space and make sure it is not cluttered or messy. Keep the focus on you, the person on camera.

Add some props (a plant,  a bookshelf, etc.) in the background to provide depth to your video. Show off your personality. 

Make sure your location is well-lit with natural sunlight or plenty of indoor lighting.


If shooting indoors, position yourself so the windows are facing you and avoid overhead lighting.

Make sure your face is evenly lit indoors. If you need additional light, place a lamp in front of your face. Avoid having your light source in back of you to eliminate being backlit.

If you wear glasses: To avoid reflection from your light source, experiment by repositioning your light source and/or you (the subject).  Raise your light above your camera position, angle down and off to the side will help eliminate the glare. To avoid shadows, position another light on the opposite side. Use a diffused/soft light source. 3 Easy Ways To Avoid Glare on Glasses

If you are shooting outdoors, position yourself with the sun high in the sky and behind the camera, or shoot in the shade.

Camera setup

Whether you are using a mobile device, desktop/laptop computer with a webcam, or any type of camera, make sure to check your camera settings and you are capturing one of the following formats: 720p or 1080p.

Use a tripod or steady surface to avoid shaky footage and to keep well framed.

Framing/Composition - generally use a Medium Shot/Medium Closeup - position yourself in the middle of the frame, allowing space between the top of your head and the top of the frame. 

Position your camera at eye level, avoiding angles where the camera lens is looking up or down on you.

Position your camera 2-4 feet from you to provide good framing and best audio quality, especially from devices with built-in microphones. 

If shooting with a mobile device, be sure to shoot horizontally, not vertically. Avoid portrait mode and use landscape mode.

On-Camera Presence

Look directly at the camera at all times.

Keep your hand movements/gestures to a minimum.

Stand/sit up straight, avoid seats with wheels/swivels, overstuffed cushions, or are squeaky.

Avoid clothing with colors that blend in with your background, that have patterns, and accessories that make noise.

Start and end with a smile, avoid awkward faces. 

Additional tips

Before you start recording your video, write a script for what you plan on saying.

Do a short recording test to make sure you can see and hear yourself clearly.

Begin and end your recording with a brief moment of silence to allow room for any editing that may be needed.

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