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Login - https://www.automaticsync.com/captionsync/

Enter username and password

On the left-hand side, Select Caption – New Captioning Submission

Enter Description - Press Next Step

Enter Transcription Turnaround - unless the process needs to be expediated, select 2 Business Day

Add Transcriber Guidance – Select [Speaker Name] 

Type in Speaker Name(s) and Guidance for Transcriber (area used to note correct spellings, technical terms, etc.) - Press Next Step

Upload File - Choose File - Start Upload 

Note:  Media file must be < 2 GB. Please create a small proxy version, submit just audio (e.g. MP3), or use Format of URLs for List of URLs if this large file must be uploaded. 

Confirmation will be provided if the submission is successful. 

CaptionSync will send an email with the finished closed captions.

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