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To access your VM from a personal or non-Whitman computer, you will need to connect to Syracuse University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).  To do this, download and run the SURA (SU Remote Access) tool for Windows and then initiate the Remote Desktop connection. 

Video Guides

As an alternative to our written instructions, please feel free to follow our video guides for setting up the VPN.

Download and install the SU Windows VPN (SURA)

Click here to visit the SU Answers page for the SU VPN for Windows (SURA), and follow the instructions to install it. You may need to login with your SU NetID for the link.  It is also recommended to move the SURA.exe app from your Downloads folder to your Desktop for easier accessibility.

Connecting to your Virtual Machine

Before You Begin

It's important to note that in order to access your Virtual Machine, you must connect your computer to the SU VPN.

  1. Run the SURA.exe file and login with your NetID and associated password.

  2. After you've connected to the SU VPN, type the specific hostname of your Virtual Machine in the Computer field and click Connect:

  3. If you receive a security dialog like the one below, make sure to select Yes:

  4. You will then see a window similar to a Windows login splash screen:
  5. Finally, your desktop session will run. Be sure you use the following for your username, substituting NetID for your own NetID:  ad\NETID. 

    Please note that you must use a backslash (\) and not a forward slash (/).

  6. When you are done, simply close your app and disconnect from the SU VPN.


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