Log into Kaltura MediaSpace, at the upper right, click the area that says Click Here To Login (), and then select Login. Log in with your SU NetID and password.

Click your name, and then select My Channels.


Insert Details:

  • Name (required) – Enter the channel name to display on the Channels page.
  • Description – Enter a summary of the channel content to display on the My Channels page.
  • Tags – Enter a descriptive tag to use in searches.

Privacy: Select one of the following three privacy options:

  • Open - All logged in users can view and contribute content (contribution is not allowed for viewer-role users).
  • Restricted - All logged in users can view content and only channel members can contribute content.
  • Private - Only channel members can view and contribute content.

Options: Review the following two channel options, and check the box(es) to enable them:

  • Moderate content: Select this option if you want to approve content uploaded by others before it is visible to users who can access the channel.
  • Enable subscription to channel: Users can subscribe to the channel from the channel page  Users can also copy the subscription link and send the link to another Kaltura user, that will automatically be subscribed to the channel after clicking on the link.

To save your channel settings, click Save.

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