Many students are not able to locate the data file that Gmetrix is requesting due to a technical error. 

The practice exam states that it is in a folder called "GMetrix Templates" folder. Please see the guide below on how to access this folder.

GMetrix Settings:

Practice Test 1 Task 1: Import Data
The data should be in your my documents folder, due to a technical issue the file is in a different
location. Please see the images below for a guide.

Step 1: On the left-hand side of the screen click this PC

Step 2: Double click Local Disk(C:)

Step 3: Double Click the folder labeled “Users”

Step 4: Double Click on the folder that is named after your netID. In this case, my net ID is sklobuci so I
click the folder labeled “sklobuci”

Step 5: Double click the folder named “Documents”

Step 6: You are now at the GMetrix Templates folder; you can now open this folder and upload the
dataset for the Task.

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