Setting up a home office can be technically challenging. In order for everything to go smoothly, attention to detail and clear communication of expectations between client and IT is important. Please carefully read the following sections pertaining to your device.

All devices

  • If your device is at Whitman, IT will contact you when it is ready to be picked up. Please specify if you would like the item delivered by mail, dropped off in your office, or if you would like to meet outside at the back entrance loading dock.
  • If your new device was sent to your home address, please contact IT at for the next steps. There may be discrepancies in tracking information, making IT unaware of its arrival. Let IT know your availability for remote setup assistance, and include a list of requested software and settings. Depending on the device and configuration, setup may take upwards of 8 hours to complete. 
  • Contact IT at with any additional requests.

Windows laptop, Surface, and other mobile windows computer

  • While not required, it is highly suggested to connect to Wifi while at Whitman, and log on using your NetID and password. This reduces first time login lag, download time, poor wifi signal strength, and other potential issues.
  • Open Outlook, and verify G/H drives are accessible.

PC desktop, and iMac computer

  • If you intend to bring your PC desktop off campus, please let IT know at least 1 business day in advance.
  • Before leaving campus, log on using your NetID and password to cache your login credentials.

PC desktop computer

  • At home, plug in the device and connect to your home Ethernet network.
  • Verify email is working, and G/H drives are accessible.

iMac, Apple laptop, and iPad(Pro)

  • At home, plug in the device and connect to your home Ethernet or Wifi network.
  • Connect to SU VPN. deprecated - Configure VPN on macOS.
  • Verify email is working, and G/H drives are accessible after connecting to the VPN.
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