To request a room in the Whitman School of Management, please CLICK HERE.

Click the "SIGN IN" button at the top of the public calendar page.


Please DO NOT create an account. Instead, click the "SIGN IN USING SYR SSO" button to log in.


Then click the "MANAGE" button to get to the Event Manager application. If you don't see a "MANAGE" button, please click the "MY PROFILE" button instead. It will get you to the same place.




Once you are in the Event Manager application, hover the mouse over the left sidebar and then click the "CREATE AN EVENT" button, and use the guidelines below to fill out the form and create your event.


Please follow the guidelines below. For additional information and instructional videos, please visit THIS LINK.

EVENT NAME: Please enter the full name of your event and do not use acronyms and abbreviations.

SUMMARY: Please enter a clear and concise summary/description of the event that includes the audience for the event, the reason the event is being held, and any other information that clarifies the purpose and intention of the event.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please fill out all fields in this area, including your e-mail and phone number, so that you may be contacted for more information if necessary.

EVENT CATEGORIZATION: Categorizing your event is very important, particularly for the appropriate placement of your event on the website. Please select the category(ies) that is/are appropriate for the event. You can select multiple categories from the dropdown list. Please do not select all of the categories under any circumstance; only select the category(ies) that are associated with the event.

Please take note of the “Communications” category options that allow you to select your event for marketing on the Welcome to Whitman signage in the Whitman building.


UPLOAD IMAGE: Your event will attract more attention with an image. If you have an image for your event, click "CHOOSE FROM LIBRARY," select your photo, and click "ATTACH." Images cannot exceed 10MB.

IMAGE ALT TEXT: Enter a short description (10 words max) of the photograph by clicking the T below the image, and then click "Save."


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Select the audience that is associated with the event that you are entering. This information will be used to show events to those audiences in MyWhitman. You can also enter in any additional information or notes pertaining to this event, such as special event instructions, in the "Additional Information" area.

ROOM INFORMATION: You have two options when searching for room availability. You can search for rooms by name or number by opening up the dropdown list and/or typing to search, or you can click on "LOCATION SEARCH,” and search by room type or other filter criteria. Once you find the room(s) you want, click on the checkbox next to the one(s) you wish to reserve. Then click the "Save" button.

Next, enter the date and time (start and end) of your event. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT pad these times with set up and break down time. You will have an opportunity to add set up and break down time in a moment. If this event repeats, select "Repeat Weekly."


Below the room selection box, you will see an area to enter setup and breakdown times. Please enter the amount of time in minutes you think you’ll need to setup and breakdown your event.


WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: Click the “Submit” button. You will receive an e-mail verification that your event has been submitted.

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