YouTube creates a media item in your library based on a video hosted on YouTube. This feature allows you to sort and organize course media in a single location, post to your course with the Kaltura tools, and have YouTube videos play via the Kaltura Player which can remove some ads and provide Kaltura analytics for the item. Please note that the original video source video remains on YouTube and plays through Kaltura. If it is removed from YouTube by the owner, the Kaltura item will no longer work.

To upload a YouTube Video to Kaltura

Log into Kaltura MediaSpace, at the upper right, click the area that says Click Here To Login (), and then select Login. When prompted, log in with your NetID and password.

At the top right, click Add New (), and then select YouTube.

Insert YouTube URL of the video you want to upload. Press Preview.

One uploaded, edit the details to the video and select your Publishing Status.


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