Insert DVD into the PC in the equipment rack

Open File Explorer on your taskbar 

Find the DVD in This PC

Right-click – Play with VLC Player

DVD will appear in VLC Player

In BlackBoard Collaborate

Click on the “Open Collaborate Panel” (Open Blackboard Collaborate Panel Icon) button in the bottom right corner.

Click on “Share content” icon (Share Content icon) at the bottom of the panel to see options for sharing content.

Click on “Share Application/Screen”.

In the window that appears:

  • Select “Your Entire Screen or “Application Window 
  • Click on the thumbnail image you want to share - screen, application (VLC Player)
  • Check “Share Audio” box in the bottom left.
  • Click “Share” in the bottom right.
  • Press play with VLC Player to play DVD.

Important Note - When playing DVD, especially in the classroom, make sure to mute microphone as it will pick up the sound from the speakers and create an echoing effect for your online students. 

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