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All generic email accounts are accessed via proxy.  Proxy access uses the username and password of the user to authenticate to the generic account.  The process outlined below will configure proxy access. 

Proxy mailboxes maybe accessed by adding them to the Outlook client or via the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface.

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Proxy Access via Outlook

Outlook 2016 is recommended, earlier versions can be configured using these instructions though the exact process maybe slightly different.

  1. Within Outlook, click the File menu in the upper right left former to open the Backstage view

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 1

2. Click the ‘Account Settings’ button, and then the ‘Account Settings…’ from the drop down menu

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 2

3. From the Account Settings window, click ‘New…’

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 3

4. In the Choose Service screen, ‘E-mail Account’ will be the selected radio button, Click Next

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 4

5. In the Auto Account Setup screen, enter the email account of the proxy mailbox in the E-mail Address field leaving all other fields empty on SU managed computers. 

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 5

6. When prompted, click "Use another account" and enter your own NetID and password.  Click Ok.

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 6

7. On the Congratulations screen, verify that the setup completed with three green check marks, click Finish

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 7

8. Click OK on the restart required prompt, then close and reopen Outlook

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 8

Proxy Access via OWA

Open your preferred web browser, and enter the URL https://exchange.syr.edu/owa/<proxy_account_email_address>, replace <proxy_account_email_address> with the email address of the proxy mailbox.

  • When prompted for credentials, enter your own NetID username and password.
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