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Whitman Remote Desktop has undergone some recent changes which it is necessary to know about. Please read below for an explanation of these changes.

Whitman Remote Desktop is being absorbed into RDS

In Spring 2020, SU rolled out RDS (https://rds.syr.edu), which a remote desktop environment available to all SU faculty, staff, and students. This summer, SU's Central IT made it possible for various schools and colleges to have customized environments in RDS that are unique to their users' needs. As such, any user who uses Whitman Remote Desktop will be utilizing Whitman's customized environment in RDS. Users will see the following:

  • Users who visit https://remote.whitman.syr.edu will be automatically redirected to https://rds.syr.edu

  • Previously, Whitman Remote Desktop had three different desktop session options: Fac/Staff Use, Student Use, and Excel Cert. Now, users will see SULabs, and Whitman Remote Desktop. (please note Whitman users taking iSchool classes may also see an iSchool desktop session).
    The functionality of the previous Whitman Remote Desktop sessions have all been incorporated into the new Whitman Remote Desktop available in RDS.

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