For the best synchronous class experience, follow the below steps closely. For other recommended settings, please see Zoom Online Class Recommended Settings

  1. Go to your Blackboard course shell, and click on the Zoom Online Class link.

  2. Click Schedule a New Meeting

  3. Enter the Zoom class topic with the name and section
  4. Set When (start date and time)
  5. Set Duration
  6. Check the Recurring Meeting box
  7.  Select Weekly
  8. Repeat every 1 week
  9. Select the days of the week your class occurs on
  10. Set End Date
  11. Enter a Passcode
  12. Set host Video on
  13. Set participant Video off
  14. Audio Both
  15. Mute Participants on entry
  16. Only authenticated user can join, Only
  17. Record meeting automatically In the Cloud
  18. Optional: add your TA email address
  19. Save

Note: When instructors log into Zoom via Blackboard, they see any meetings they have scheduled in Zoom, regardless of their association with the course. Use descriptive meeting titles to organize your meetings to sort between classes/sections.

This will not be an issue for some instructors but may impact those who use Zoom for other functions or teach more than one section with Zoom.

When students log into Zoom via Blackboard, they see only the meetings scheduled for that course, regardless of instructor.

For assistance contact IT at, call 315-443-2342, or double click on the Remote Support Button

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