Scheduling a Zoom Webinar

In the web portal, in the webinars section, Press Schedule a Webinar.

From the Zoom Webinars Form provided, begin filling out the information.




Duration – Simply for scheduling, does not affect how long you host the webinar for.

Time Zone – Eastern Time Zone

Reoccurring webinar – Optional, if reoccurring. Flexible with no fixed time – can schedule for repeated webinar as many as you want – can edit details on individual reoccurring dates in the series of the particular webinar

Registration – If required, Press Select. Link provided to register to get link to join webinar

Webinar Password – Password - Auto-generated or custom password.

Video – Select if you would like the Host and Panelists video on/off when entering the webinar. Regardless, you will still be able to turn video on/off when in the webinar.

Audio – Select Both

Webinar Options

  • Select Q&A
  • Enable Practice Session - starts automatically when you begin the webinar – only you as host and panelists can join - no attendees can join until the host clicks the Broadcast. Opportunity to test everything, get screen sharing ready, etc.
  • Record the webinar automatically – In the cloud. Must also be enabled in the Recording Settings found in the web portal. The recording will start automatically once the webinar begins broadcasting. Will not record the Practice Session. The host will receive an email when the recording is finished processing.
  • Note – Q&A, Enable Practice Session - these functions need to be selected during the scheduling of the webinar. Once the webinar starts, you will not be able to enable these features.

Alternative Hosts – Enter the person you would like designated as the alternative host

The webinar is now scheduled but there are still some steps to complete the process.


  • Invite Panelists - Press Edit – Enter First, Last Name, and Email of Panelists. If selected, Zoom will send an invitation to all newly added panelists immediately. Once saved, you can also copy and send information to panelists and/or resend Zoom Invite.


  • Invite Attendees – Copy Invitation –This is the invitation that will be sent out to the attendees. If registration is required, the invite will bring them to a registration page. Webinar without registration – send event link, will allow attendees to automatically join the event. Email - Attendees – manually send link – no invite from Zoom for Attendees

 Approval Options – this section is if Registration is required. Press Edit

Select Registration Required

Approval – Select Automatically Approve

Other Options

  • Select Close Registration after event date
  • Uncheck Allow attendees to join from multiple devices - with unchecked – give attendees specific link – limits them to providing the link to others
  • Uncheck Show social share buttons on the registration page

Save All

Questions – by default – First Name and Email – Add selected fields provided in the Zoom Form.

Save All

Custom Questions – Create your own question for the registration. Enter additional questions provided in the Zoom Form.

Save All


Email Settings

  • Email Contact – Enter name and email – Enter contact information provided from the Zoom Form. You may change the contact information that attendees can use if they have questions about the webinar.
  • Invitation Email to Panelists – Use default – May customize
  • Confirmation Email to Registrants – Use default – May customize
  • No reminder email to Attendees and Panelists – Optional
  • Follow up email to Attendees/Absentees – Optional



  • Title – For registration page - By Default – Webinar Registration – Can be customized
  • Banner/Logo – Insert graphics
  • Post attendee URL/Webinar survey – optional

Polls – To learn more - Polling for Webinars 

Q&A - The Q&A settings configured is for the default settings when you start this webinar. You can change the settings in this webinar.

Other features – Integration, Livestreaming

This completes the scheduling of the Webinar. You may edit details prior to the start of the Webinar. You may also Save this Webinar as a Template to use for scheduling a future webinar with the same settings.


The webinar will be saved in the Upcoming Webinars section. This is where you can access to edit, delete, and start the webinar.

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