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Video Guides

As an alternative to our written instructions, please feel free to follow our video guides for setting up the VPN.

SURA (SU VPN) Setup for Windows

Step 1: Download SURA


Click here to visit the SU Answers page for SURA for Windows, read about it, and follow the instructions to download/install it.

Step 2: Configure the computer to connect to Whitman Remote Desktop

This process is essentially the same across any version of Windows - the only difference is the initial starting point.

For Windows 7:

Before You Begin - Windows 7 Important Information

Please note: If you are using Windows 7, you will need to install a specific optional set of Windows updates before you are able to connect your computer to Whitman Remote Desktop.

Please visit http://support.microsoft.com/KB/2830477 to read about and install this update.

It's important to understand that the updates referenced here are NOT critical updates and will NOT get installed through Automatic updates. They are optional updates and must be installed manually.

  1. Click Start, then click in the search bar as shown:

  2. In the Search bar, type “RemoteApp”, then click on "Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections” as shown.

For Windows 8:

From the start screen, simply type "access remoteapp" and wait for the search to complete, then click "Access RemoteApp and Desktops"

For Windows 10:

Go to the Cortana Search Box, type "access remoteapp", wait for the search to complete, then click "Access RemoteApp and Desktops".


Now, regardless of which version of Windows, you should be at the right place - a dialog that asks you to define the feed URL.

Here's where you go from there:

  1. In the “Access RemoteApp and Desktops dialog, enter https://remote.whitman.syr.edu/rdweb/feed/webfeed.aspx in the “email address or connection URL” box, and click “Next”, as shown:

2. You’ll be shown a “Ready to set up the connection” dialog that warns you that a new configuration will be added to your computer. Click Next, as shown:

3. You’ll receive a dialog requesting your username and password. Enter your SU Email address as your username, and your SU NetID password as your password. Underneath, check the box for “Remember my credentials”, and click next, as shown:

remoteapp credentials

4. Next you’ll see “You have successfully set up the following connection:” and it will summarize the connection name and statistics. Click Finish, as shown:

5. Your Whitman Remote Desktop setup is now complete.

Step 3: Using Whitman Remote Desktop on a Windows computer

Now that Remote Desktop is set up, you can begin to utilize it.


  • Start and log in to SURA using your SU NetID credentials. This will connect you to SU's VPN, which will provide a smoother experience using Remote Desktop. Once you've connected to SURA, you can minimize it.
  • Notice you now have a section in your Start Menu/All Apps or Start Screen/App View called "Whitman Remote Desktop (RADC) - Here's what it looks like on Windows 10:

    In that section are all the connections you have with Whitman Remote Desktop. Choose any connection (if you are participating in the Excel Certification Training program and are taking practice exams, you would use the "Whitman Excel Cert Prep" remote desktop session), and click on it. If you receive a dialog warning you about the connection and asking whether you want to continue, check the box that states "Don't warn me again", click connect and then log in with with your email and NetID password.
  • From the Remote Desktop view access software and shared drives like in the labs.
  • When done,  on the top of the screen close the connection, and disconnect from SURA.



If for some reason you don't see Whitman Remote Desktop in the Start menu, you may need to refresh the Whitman Remote Desktop connection.

During Whitman Remote Desktop setup, you are repeatedly asked for your password

 If you are a student of another school at SU and are taking a course at Whitman which requires the use of Whitman Remote Desktop, ask your instructor to contact IT with your NetID to request access.

You set up the connection successfully, but Whitman Remote Desktop is still asking for a password every time you try to connect

This happens when a user is on a Windows 7 computer and did not install all the updates which were referenced at the top of this document in the beginning of Step 2. Please go back to Step 2 above and make sure all updates referenced by the Microsoft KB Article are installed. If they have been and you are still asked for your password repeatedly, send email to wsmhelp@syr.edu.